Ultimate Pocket Morty Guide Tips & Cheates Tricks

By | 16th August 2017

With the arrival of new rick and Morty game you might find it out of practice and cant give your best in capturing in battling.By following this guide you can maximise your fun through defeating other Ricks.Many people will be exited to become masters of Montymon.By following this guide it will be very useful to you at the times of trouble in the game.If you follow this guid you will become the Pocket Morty’s master in no time. Let’s start with the basics. you can know full information about pocket morty guide it is very help for who are searching for pocket morty tips.

Pocket Morty Guide Tips & Tricks


The battles in pocket morty is so simple and explanation is not needed actually.Certian Mortys are more strong than other Mortys.In Pocket Mortys there is Rock-Paper-Scissors battle system

pocket morty guide


In the above pic you can see that Greaser Morty is one level stronger than the Off the Grid Morty.Here the Off the grid morty is of paper type and has higher advantage of winning the battles against Rock type which is Greaser morty.By looking at the icon next to Morty’s name you can tell the Morty’s battle type.As you level up your Morty’s then you can unlock new attacks that relate to your Morty’s battle type,and it will give you more advantage in your future battles.

First you should get use to recognize the battle types of Morty’s.After defeating the previous Morty you will be notified in advance about which morty is coming for battle.But in the early stages of battle it is difficult t oknow which morty is coming for battle in advance until you see the morty.It will put you in disadvantage sometimes.

When you are battling against wild morty’s you can catch tehm instead of knocking them down.you can collect or buy or craft Morty and use these bad boys to catch some morty’s.

pocket morty guide

When their health status is in red morty’s are guarenteed catch.also if the morty’s health status is in yellow then also there is very high catch rate.But sometimes the chip will blow up and you have to make morty weak inorder to catch it.Though catching morty’s is fun you should not try to catch all the morty’s  until you have taken out all the 6 members of the Council of ricks.

If you want an advantage during Rick battles then you have to catch the multiple morty’s of same type as early as possible in the game.In the Citadel of Ricks there is a Day Care Centre where you can combine certain morty’s.By combining certain morty’s will evolve in a Morty and the power level will be beefed up.This should be done from the starting of the game so that you will have more advantage during the important battles.

pocket mortys guide tricks

In the above figure there are 3 icons in the upper left corner.the first one is the loot box .the second one is th exclamation mark which represents every single trainer battle in that dimension.The last one is the badge which represents the Rick battle of that dimension.Completing all these minor dimensions is not required and you will not earn anything in doing so.

Pocket  Marty Tips & Tricks

There are lot of battles and you can collect a badge every time you transport Rick and Morty to another dimension.Each diension is randomly generated each time you enter the site and you will never have an idea of which wild morty’s,Ricks or Trainer’s  you will be facing.Suppose if you wan to avoid battling Council of Ricks until you are very strong then it is better to earn about 50 badges.If you collect over 50 badges then you have an advantage over Council of Ricks.If you wish to have a long experience with the game then  battle each Council member Rick when ever possible.

pocket morty guide

You can earn the badges by defeating Rick which are located in the paltform of each dimension.sometimes it is so easy that you can directly go to the Rick,beat his Mortys and earn the badge.But it is always not so easy since without facing the trainers in the battle you cannot head towards the Rick.The disadvantage of facing the trainer’s before fighting the Rick of whatever dimension it is transported is that morty’s will become more weak and there are no healing stations available outside the Citadel of Ricks.so it is better to avoid any trainer’s battles that you find.This will save you health,items and time.


There are lot of items which will estore your HP,AP.There are also items that can revive a dazed morty,increase morty’s level and even knock down Morty in a blow.

pocket morty tips

All these items can be brought from Salesman rick Store located in Citadel of Ricks.

pocket mortys



As you progress further in the game you will earn more Schmeckles in the battle.Also there is one option of watching an ad to earn the Schmeckles.But there are lot more efficient ways to earn Schmeckles in the game.


pocket morty recipes

Anotherway to earn the items is to find the loot box in each dimension.Just like battling Ricks, loot boxes can be either easily obtained or will be very difficult .Lootboxes contains Schmeckles,basic items and craft items.Some times you can also receive coupons that can be used at Chitz and Blips.

pocket morty guide

It is very difficult to come across the loot boxes,but by completing the special quest and winning the special battles you will win these coupons.Blips and Chitz coupon will give you access to Blips and Chitz vending machine and it will give you a chance to get some special items and a Random Morty.

You can also buy Blips and Chitz coupons and 1 coupon will cost you $0.99 and a 40 bundle coupon will cost you $19.99.


You will face many battles so it it better to be prepared.In all dimensions you will find all the items scattered all over the place and most of the items will be very useful in the battle.Pocket Mortys has a crafting station which you can find in the Citadel of Ricks.Given below are the recipes of 30 items.

pocket morty guide pocket morty guide pocket mortys

There will be Ricks,Trainers adn Jerry’s  in the Citadel of Ricks that you ask tocreate certain things.Also there are 19 quests and by completing each quest you will be rewarded.

There are around 101 Morty’s to catch around.Once completed the  game you will be given wardrobe change and a Rick portal’s gun .With this gun you will be able to leave dimensions without battling Ricks.

A majority of morty’s can be frequently seen and caught in wild.One of the earlier quest rewars you get is Egg Morty.Egg Morty has no physical attacks and can take a while to gain EXP to level up in battle.The quickest way to level up Egg Morty is Level Up Mega Seeds.If Egg Morty is leveled up to level 20 then it will evolve into One True Morty.There are some Plush suit Mortyslocated in Citadel of Ricks which looks like Mascot Morty.And it can’t be caught.


1.Craft items as often as possible because you never know when you will need to heal or revive an injured Morty.

2.Don’t forget to heal your Morty’s.Healing your Mortys after returning to the will help you conserve your items when you need them.

3.Avoid unnessesary battles unless you are trying to level up your Morty.It will help you to conserve health and status items for important battles.

4.If you think you might accidentally knock out a Morty you want to catch then run away.The Morty will still be there and he will regain full health.

5.MeeSeeks boxes should not be wasted.It should be used during harder battles for guarenteed win.

6.If you get More Badges from Ricks,stronger Ricks from otherdimension will become.

7.Morty’s maximum level is 100  but it doesn’t mean you can’t boost his status further.Attack,Defense and Speed Mega Seeds and watch your Morty’s status rise to insane levels.

8.Rick battles go way past 100 badges.If you need Schmeckles then this is the quickest way.


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